Mon Traditional Thingyan Rice

Thingyan Rice is one of the Mon ethnic traditional meals which is added with boiled rice, fried dried fish and mango salad as well. It is also the season meal for Thingyan (especially summer) as we share the way of cooking Thingyan Rice as the traditional way of Mon Recipe.

For preparing Rice (for about 5 people)

7 cups of small plastic rice cup

1 Boil the rice after cooking as the rice and boiled again to be softer than before. Then take off from the water and wash with cool water.

2 Wash the boiled rice with cool water until the cleaning water is brighten as the normal. Then keep them in to the bowl from water.

For fired dried fish

Dired fish ½ kg

Orion ½ kg

Some galic

Some turmeric powder

Oil and chicken powder

1 Boil the dried fish until to be soft. Then crushed them and remove their tiny bones.

2 cut onion and garlic as the thin slides and fired with oil added by turmeric powder. Then you need to add the crushed dried fish. You could add the chicken powder as the perfect taste of fired dried fish.

For Mango salad

Green mango ½ kg (grated pieces)

Onion ½ kg

Some prawn powder

5 spoons of bean powder

2 and ½ spoons of fish soup

Some turmeric powder

Oil and chicken powder

1 Cut the onion as the thin slides and fired with oil and some turmeric powder

2 Cut some onion as the thin slides and clean with water. Then mix all of the ingredients and added with dried onion.

Take some boiled rice in the bowl and add with cold water. Add some fired dried fish and mango salad in the small plate. Then you could taste as well.

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