Memories of Independence Day

Independence Day

January 4 is the Independence Day as it is a major celebration of Myanmar’s Declaration of Independence from the United Kingdom.

Myanmar has been an independent country since 1000 years ago. Myanmar (then called Burma) was colonized by Britain and encountered three wars in 1824, 1852 and 1885.

Ethnic groups of Burmese nationalists fought back but did not succeed. Later, they drove out the British with the help of Japanese forces. Again, Japanese invaded Burma worse than the British and the rebellion against the Japanese began. After the war ended, the Japanese surrendered from Burma. At that time, the British government tried to rule Burma again. However, General Aung San and ethnic nationality leaders successfully gained independence for Burma at the time of 4.20 am on January 4, 1948. And the nation became an independent republic, named the Union of Burma.

On this special holiday, parades, festivals, traditional sports and games activities are celebrated countrywide on every 4 January. Schools also hold fun competitions such as lectures, speech contests and drawing contests on the day before the Independence Day.

In our neighborhood, there are many festive activities such as eating contests, football matches and greasy pole climbing.

Don’t forget to share your stories of how you celebrate the Independence Day in your town or village too!

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