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Medicines from Kitchen

Do you know that your kitchen is a treasure chest?
The kitchen supplies could be used in other works.
Not only for emergency situations but also for budgeting, you should know these tips. So I subscribed some kitchen materials that could be used as medicine.
Salt is a very useful one. Hard foot soles could be cured if you soak them in warm salted water. You can substitute Oral Rehydration salt by mixing salt and sugar . And you can also detox your skin by using as scrub.
2. Turmeric
It is applicable on bruises and cuts for better healing. Drinking a mix of honey and mix can cure stomach issues. Inhaling turmeric smoke can cure headache which usually happens on women after delivering a baby.
3. Apple Cider Vinegar
Just drink a spoon of apple cider vinegar by mixing with a liter of water if you are suffering a heart burn.
4. Ginger
Drinking a bowl of soup which is boiled ginger together with jaggery while you are having a period. This will help you for less pain and aching.

5. Onion

Eczema can be cured by rubbing with grilled onion.

6. Garlic

If you are having fever without sweating, eating garlic is the best solution to break a sweat and release inner body heat. If you have pains from bees sting, applying crashed garlic around the wounded area can make the pain lesser.7. Lime

Drink lime juice for high blood pressure. Rubbing the itchy inner thighs with a slice of lemon can make the itch go away.8. Potato

Putting sliced potato on your red eyes can cure it.

9. Hot Water

Showering with warm water can heal body pains and makes you relax. Putting hot water bag on your stomach if you suffers pain due to gastric problems is the best solution.10. Ice Cubes

Sudden pains from hemorrhoids is curable by putting ice cubes around the anal area. And it is the same way on Inguinal Hernia. Just put it on genital area.

As the saying ‘Health is Wealth’ , these are the useful tips that we should know.

Wishing you all to be healthy and wealthy in both mental and physical.

Nicki Rangoon

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