Mandalay Traditional Tea Leaf Sushi

Mandalay Tea Leaf Sushi

Mandalay sushi lovers will know about this traditional sushi restaurant. It is located at 68 Street, between 27 x 28, back of Children Hospital. The place is neat and tidy. You can chat peacefully with your friends and enjoy your leisure time nicely.

Tea Leaf Sushi is the new additional menu added not long ago. You will know that this menu is not available at any restaurant. I also went to taste it since I heard the name.

The menus I ordered were Tea Leaf Sushi, California Roll, Spring Roll, Sweet Egg Roll and Miso Soup.

Tea Leaf Sushi

Tea Leave Sushi

As everyone knows, tea leaf is loved by every Myanmar locals. They have two different kinds, Latt Phat Chin (Sour Tea Leaf) and Latt Phat Tar (Tea Leaf Flesh). As I am not a fan of sourness, I ordered the second menu.

Tea Leaf Sushi is quick as it is arrived not long after I ordered. The dish is quite lovely with some fried peas on the plate. I didn’t expected tea leaf and seaweed can go well like this. There are tea leaf, tender cabbage and some crusts inside the wrap. The overall taste is not quite special, it’s just a little new to chew the tea leaf and seaweed together. It made me think that I should try to add some seaweed when I make the tea leaf salad later. The crusts make it more delicious. The taste is not special but the idea is indeed creative.

Califonia Roll

Tea Leave Sushi

This is my favorite sushi, I always order it every time I visit. It has apples wrapped inside.

Spring Roll

Tea Leave Sushi

This spring roll is my second favorite menu. It has two flavors, chicken and prawn. I use to eat prawn roll more. The wrapper is stuffed with cabbage, and prawn. It is seemed to be cooked in the microwave. You can dip this soft roll with hot ingredients with tamarind sauce.

Sweet Egg Roll

Tea Leave Sushi

This is also in my usual order list. The egg meats are thinly sliced wrapped into layers. The taste is sweet and the layer is also tender. This menu is nice to have together with sushi.

Miso Soup

Tea Leave Sushi

This soup may not leave a good impression for most first timers since its taste doesn’t fit Myanmar kind of savor. However, you will love to drink it as you try it again and again. The soup contains Miso paste, tofu and seaweed.

The Yoe Yar Sushi Restaurant provides delicious taste and fair price. It offers both hot and cold tea service. The prices are only around 1000 Kyats for each dish. It also has Sashimi, Tempura Fries and Seaweed Salads.

If you haven’t tried this new menu at Yoe Yar, I recommend you to give it a shot!

You can find out more details about this restaurant in Doemal.


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