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Let’s Take a Budget Trip to Hpa An!

Kayin New Year Day is right around the corner! Why not take a budget travel to the beautiful town from Kayin State? Hpa An, the capital city of Kayin State, is worth visiting for its significant views and famous local food.


Driving distance from Yangon to Hpa An is 177 miles. There are air-con buses for Yangon to Hpa An. The ticket price is around 6000 Kyats and the driving time is about 6 hours. If you want to catch up with the impressive views along the road, you should take the morning bus, especially when you are on your honeymoon trip. (go with morning schedule) You can also travel with your own car since the roads are smooth enough.

Where to Stay

There are a lot of hotels and guest houses around. If you want to stay on budget, there are nice guest houses which feature bathroom and air-con. And they also provides pretty good services with the prices between 10,000 Kyats and 20,000 Kyats.

Kan Thar Yar Hotel – 05821600, 09796765205

Win Guest House – 09774689777, 09795666219

Galaxy Motel – 05821347, 05821375

Shwe Pha Ann – 05832176


Things to do in Hpa An

Hpa An is a great place with a lot of picturesque spots to visit. Verdant fields are everywhere and you can enjoy the wonderful scenery of nature. You can enjoy this amazing sunset view at the Strand Road. You can spend your day by taking snacks and photos at the Kan Thar Yar Park. And you can also view over the Thanlwin River from Shwe Yin Myaw Pagoda. There are many other attractions and highlights around the area, and you will feel like not going back once you have visited Hpa An.

You will have a lot of great experiences from a sweaty climb up the Mount Zwegabin. Kyauk Kalap Pagoda, Sadan Cave and Kawgun Cave are other unique places to visit for stunning views and great photo opportunities. The most exciting visit would be to Lon Nya, a famous blue lagoon near Eain Du Village. Try to take photos of you wearing Kayin traditional dress and it will be worth for safekeeping later.


Delicious Local Food

In Hpa An, you can find really good local street food and Thai snacks with quite fair price. Among them, you should try some popular dishes such as Thai Basil Chicken, Kuai Tiao Rice Noodles, Papaya Salad and Talabaw Soup.

If you want a good taste of Talabaw Soup and traditional Myanmar plate, go to San Ma Thu and Shwe Ma Gyi restaurants. Prices are 1500 Kyats for Thai street food, 800 Kyats for Kuai Tiao and 2000 Kyats for Myanmar rice. You can also get a wide variety of Thai street food at Kan Thar Yar night market with reasonable prices.


One Day Trip Estimate Budget for Two Persons

Yangon – Hpa An Bus Ticket – 24,000 Kyats

Hotel Fee – 20,000 Kyats

Other Transportation Fees – around 20,000 Kyats

Meals – 10,000 Kyats

Total – 74,000 Kyats

So, if you have at most 100 thousand kyats, you can enjoy all the meals and have a perfect honeymoon trip!

Do no worry for being unfamiliar with restaurants in Hpa An. You can easily find them in Doemal Mobile App.


Let’s Take a Budget Trip to Hpa An!
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