Let’s Make Wonton Soup With 3000MMK

wonton soup

wonton soup

A wonton is a common Chinese dumpling and everybody loves to eat wonton. It is easy to make and the taste is also delicious. When you eat at the shop, you may not have enough as much as you want to eat. And you have to worry about the budget too. So, let’s make some wonton soup with budget around 3,000MMK at home. I am sure this homemade wonton soup can fill up your stomach.

Ingredients and their prices

wonton soup










2 packets of wonton wrappers – 800MMK (400MMK x2)

(There are 20 wrappers in one packet and you can buy them at supermarkets)

200gram of chicken – 1,500MMK

1 egg – 150MMK

1 bunch of green onions – 300MMK

Black pepper, chicken powder, corn flour, garlic – 1,000MMK



wonton soup

Finely chop the chicken and mix with chicken powder, a little pepper and 4 teaspoons of corn flour.

Take some smashed garlic and thinly sliced green onions, place them together with the mixture.

Put the blended chicken mince on each wonton skin.  Then fold the wrapper over the filling to make a triangle and pull the edges and press together.

Bring a pot, add water and garlic to it and make it at a rolling boil.

And then drop the wontons in and simmer for 5 minutes.

After the wontons are cooked, place in a bowl and serve with pepper and green onions.

You can garnish with chili and lemon if you prefer sour and spicy flavor.


If it is not convenient for you to cook the soup at home, you can find good wonton soup restaurants on Doemal Mobile App.

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