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There are many kinds of foods to try nowadays. It is also hard for us to deny them. I know it is hard to deny to eat some kind of food to you and also including me.

It is necessary to worry about over weight by eating too much. But don’t worry too much now. The tips that you are going to read in the following will help you out to eat as you usually do and also I tested these tips and it’s effective.

The main things that makes fat in your body more is fat and carbohydrates.

You need to avoid those things as much as you can. Cutting them off is a bit harmful to your body to do so.

The first thing you should do is to study your stomach to lose by weight by eating you used to do. Because when we convert the foods that we eat daily might affect our stomach in many ways. The freshness of foods is a very important thing to care.

So, instead of eating foods which contain lots of carbohydrate such as rice, cake and breads, eating foods such as vegetables, meats with less fats, fish and seafood which contains less carbohydrate. Also I would like to suggest you to use less oil when you cook.

Evening time is very hard for our stomach to break down foods that we eat due to slower movements which will let our weight gain. Eat more fruits which can hydrate you a lot and not nuts and snacks.

Try eating raw vegetables as snacks instead of chips and fish crackers. For example you can eat carrots by cutting them into pieces in raw. It will help you both losing weight and to your health.

You should drink detox water too. Drinking water which lemon, cucumber and mints will help your body lose weight and detoxified.

Still life of lemon detox water

Next, you must know your limit when you eat. Just take the food within your limited amount.

Mentioned above are main facts. And to change the way you eat instead of eating less.

If you want to be more effective, getting up early and go for a walk at least for 5 minutes where you can get fresh air would help a lot.

With many thanks……

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