Kyauk Myaung, Kyay Oh, Kat Kyay Kite, Kyar Kwat Thit

I have a habit of going out to eat with my friends every Sunday. This time, I went to the friends from Kyauk Myaung to try a good new restaurant near them. They recommended a cozy Asian restaurant named Kyar Kwat Thit.

Simple and Lovely Decoration

Kyar Kwet Thit

This neat and simple restaurant mainly decors with attractive paintings and captivated an aesthetic person like me. It provides enough space where customers can enjoy a relaxing meal with their friends and family.

What can you get from menu?

The place offers different varieties of Asian dishes. We ordered the shop’s signature menus such as Kyay Oh, Kat Kyay Kite (Fried Flat Rice Noodles), Crab Masala Curry and Steamed Fish with Lime and Chili.

The first item arrived was Kyay Oh with hot steam, the bowl was full of main ingredients like rounded pork meat. The soup taste was also natural and the aromatic pepper smell really made me mouthwatering.

The next ones were Kat Kyay Kite and Crab Masala Curry. The amount of Kat Kyay Kite was quite enough for two people to eat. The dish mainly contained Chinese flat rice noodles, bean sprouts, boiled peas, and a lot of meat which will really satisfy the Kat Kyay Kite lovers out there.

The Crab Masala Curry also had a perfect taste with onion paste, fragrant masala and sweet crab meat. The freshness from the meat of crab made the dish more appetizing for those who love to eat crabs.

The last menu was the Steamed Fish with a nice smell of lime. The whole fish was cooked well with mixture of chili, lemongrass and other spices and decorated with limes. This savory dish particularly offered its richness in sour and spicy flavor and the sweet taste from fish.

Drinks and Beverages

Kyar Kwat Thit also serves seasonal fruit juices and other drink items. We tried Mojito and their Homemade Lipton Tea. The well-balanced Mojito with Mint and Lime refreshed me after the first sip. Their signature drink, the Lipton Tea was a perfect mix of honey and lime filled in the cute cup which will be your favorite one to take photo.

The service was pleasant with waiters were friendly. They also provide service for events and birthday party. Overall, the place was perfect for those who want to hang out and chill with their friends since it provides ample seats, good service and great food.

And also do not forget to share your experiences in Doemal after you visit this amazing place.

Kyar Kwet Thit Cafe

No.(12). Kyar Kwet Thit Street, Kyauk Myaung. Tarmwe Township, Yangon.

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