Interesting Food in Asia

Interesting food in Asia

Asia is a top tourism favorite place and it is rich in tradition, culture and way of life. With ethnic and racial diversity there have all kinds of food including some interesting foods too. Most of the dishes are unique and peculiar in the world.

The Drunken shrimp dish is not a dish that would be steamed in some delicious broth of alcohol or wine. It is a popular dish in parts of China based on freshwater shrimp that are often eaten alive but immersed in alcohol to make consumption easier. Different parts of China have different recipe for the dish.
baultA balut is a dish make from developing bird embryo that is boiled and eaten from the shell. It means that you can see the fetus of a baby duck.  It is often served as a snack to accompany with beer. It originates commonly sold as street-food in the Philippines. Filipinos generally add salt, mix chili, garlic, and vinegar into it. After spiced wrap enjoyed by disrupt liquid inside the egg.It is also popular street food in Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam.
High protein content food of deep fried insects such as scorpions, crickets, ants, worms and so on are the part of Asia interesting food. Most of people scare the tarantulas even they see because of their appearance and they are also sometime the main characters in horror movies. But in Cambodia, tarantulas are not for scare.


ant egg soupIt is a snack and becomes a part of the region’s cuisine. Crispy tarantulas on the outside with white meat in the head and body taste like chicken. Then you can taste white ant egg soup which is prepared with ant eggs, embryos and baby ants. In Myanmar there is also an interesting ant salad called (Khar Chin Htaung). People say the ants’ eggs taste in their mouths, releasing a sour flavor. Would like to try the taste?

Cocordie leg dishCrocodile is commonly known as a king among aquatic animals and the large crocodiles are very dangerous to humans mainly because of their ability to strike before the person can react and they eat human meat too. In Hong Kong and Singapore, crocodile meat dishes are as a special delicacy dish in many restaurants. It is prepared with herbs, spices and then slow cooked. Some people say it tastes like chicken but it is more softly.
habu sake wineHabu sake is a special the alcoholic liqueur that mix with herbs and honey together with snake in Okinawa, Japan and warmly know as Okinawan Snake Wine. Japanese winemakers release snakes in bottles of wine and let them release their venoms in the wine bottle.  Those who have tasted Habu sake say it tastes smoother, stronger and good for health.
sharkfinShark fin soup is a traditional soup or stewed cuisine of China and Vietnam which is served at special occasion such as wedding and as a luxury item in Chinese culture. In Myanmar there also has the Shark shin salad made with peanut powder, chili, lime, corianders and fish sauce.

Asia is the interesting food world with many new experiences. Tell us what is your interesting food in Asia?

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