Insects Consumers around the World

The tradition of eating insect can be seen around the world but mostly in Asia region.
We can see the habitat of eating cricket in here. You are going to read about the habits of eating insect in this content. Get ready to see which country eats what kind of insects by various recipe.

Crispy fried mixed insects from Bangkok Night Markets

You can see stalls selling various insects crispy fried in nearly every night markets of Bangkok. You can even find frogs sometimes. Water-bucks, grasshopper and silk worms can be found mostly.

Worm Pancake from Vietnam

It is a seasonal food in Vietnam. They eat the worms from freshwater and it is really delicious. You need to eat it by mixing the worms into a mixture and fried like a pancake.

Fried Spiders from Indonesia

They eat the wild spiders by deep frying. But you need to choose the kinds which has no poison. Capture them alive. Rinse with water and mix with salt and pepper and deep fry them into cooked oil of ginger and garlic.

Scorpion BBQ from Philippine

Eating the scorpion by grilling in natural situation can be seen in Philippine. Remember to remove the tip of the tail to avoid venom.

Bamboo Worm from China

It is very famous in Yangon’s Chinatown.
You need to eat it alive and it is a bit scary to eat while it is moving. Wonderful taste and the price is not that cheap.

Ants from Middle Myanmar

I don’t know about you all. As for me, I grew up around rural areas and I know the delicious sour taste of eating the big ants by mixing with tamarind leaves.

Please do not for get to taste them if you are traveling around and see them in front of you.

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