Independent Day’s Competitions which Related with Myanmar Snack

Coming 4th January is the 71st times of Myanmar Independent Days. Myanmar won the independent on 1948 when release from the colonized and it had been 71 years. As the symbol of Independence, the competitions were celebrated in every City, villages and quarters to show the happiness of Myanmar People. We share about the Independent Day’s competitions which related with Myanmar snack.

Bite snack ring competition (Mok Latt Kauk Kitte competition)

It is the most favorite competition of Myanmar kids. The snack rings are tying on the bamboo row and hanging in the air. The kids have to eat the snack faster than other by not using their hands. They love this competition way as they might be full stomach with snack even they won’t win the competition. The snack ring is made by sticky rice and palm sugar. This way is use to play around Myanmar till now.

Hit the iron bucket with stick

This competition is to hit the bucket with stick. Long long ago, the stick was used with sticky bamboo to hit the bucket. The winner would get the sticky bamboo as the prize. The sticky bamboo is made with sticky rice with coconut inside the bamboo and then baking them. Nowadays, the stick is changed with normal stick and the prize is replaced with money.

Eating competition

This is not normal eating competition as it is said “Mote Lone Gyi eating competition” completely. The kids have to eat the fried sticky rice loaf faster than each other. The snack is so sticky and difficult to eat faster than faster which made fan all people. You could see this eating competition in mostly independence competition in Myanmar.


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