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How To Recognize Between Pure and Fake Honey


Honey is a popular food because of its sweet taste and health benefits. Since 3000 years  ago, honey has been used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes.


Different types of honey are categorized by honey bees and locations. Due to the high demand for pure honey in the market, a lot of fake honey is also being sold in the market. It is not quite easy to get a pure honey like before.


Pure honey can offer several health benefits. Honey is the natural energy source to boost the immune system since it contains vitamins and minerals. During these cold winter months, honey is used to treat sore throat or a cough. A daily tablespoon of honey can actually prevent from cancer diseases. It is also good for skincare and healthcare. It will also help in slowing down aging and prevent weight gain. Honey is also a good medicine for hangover. A glass of warm milk with 3 tablespoons of honey can act as a natural remedy for those who are having sleep problems.


If you want to enjoy the benefits from the real honey, you should consider its purity first. You don’t want to regret later for having the fake and impure ones. Try the following tests to distinguish between fake and pure honey.


  1. Pure honey does not make foam.
  2. If you put pure honey into a glass of water, it will settle at the glass bottom. Fake honey on the other hand will dissolve in water immediately.
  3. Try to put some pure honey in a jar. And you will see that it does not form in layers. The entire jar will be a thicken mass of honey as a whole.
  4. If you try to drop pure honey on a blotting paper or tissue paper, it should not perforate but spread to the sides.
  5. Add some honey in a spoon, place above the flame of a candle and burn the bottom. Pure honey will burn with no change of color. Fake honey will turn into dark color with smell of sugar.
  6. Place small drop of honey on your thumb. Pure honey will not spill or spread around.

Now, you know some methods to choose the right honey. Check out whether the honey is fake or real before you buy honey again so that you will know what you are really paying for.

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