How to Make the Sparkling Coffee for Coffee Lovers

This week, Doe Mal present the sparkling coffee for coffee lovers.

It’s easy to make and the ingredients are easy to buy .Not only that, the taste is so cool and you will feel the new taste. So, we would like to message you to try at home.


  • Coffee powder( U can buy in most of the store)
  • Sugar syrup of sugar
  • Mint
  • Coffee Maker ( only if u like coffee mixed)
  • A Mug
  • Ice
  • A small amount of hot water
  • Sparkling water ( you can buy in every city mart)
  1. First, put a small amount of hot water, coffee powder and some sugar syrup as u needed into the mug and stir hard till everything melts in. If you like coffee mixed , u can put some coffee maker.
  2. Put some ice and stir hard again
  3. At last top with sparkling water and put some mint to feel the new taste of sparkling coffee.

So, Let’s try the cool taste of the sparkling coffee when you are with your family of with your friends and feel the freshness of it.

Writer_ Pyae


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