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How to Make the Best Korean Style BBQ

BBQ can be said as one of the main dishes in dinners and celebrations which especially held in night times.

Korean foods are now becoming very popular in Myanmar and Korean BBQ shops can be found around the city. So, I decided to make it at home and I wrote this content by studying how to make it.

It is very important to make sauce as a priority when you make BBQ.

Korean chili sauce boxes can be found in City Marts with reasonable prices.

If you buy a box, not only BBQ but also you can make Korean style rice salad at home. I will write about how to make rice salad in next week.

Marinating is most important in making BBQ.

It is needed to choose the meat wisely. When you closely look at Korean BBQs, you will see they use the best parts of the meat.

Butt area, wings and drumsticks are bests to choose in chicken because these are the softest parts of the whole chicken.

Loin, bacon and thigh is the best for pork.

Tongue, loin, thigh and belly is the best and really delicious in beef.

Sardines are the best in choosing for fish as it is the most favorite of Koreans.

Seafood should be put variously. Prawns, squid and shrimps are the choices of mine.

To marinate, sweet soy sauce, sugar syrup, Korean chili paste, sesame oil, scallops, pepper, salt, ginger, garlic and flavor powder are needed.

The way of marinating chicken, pork and beef are the same.

I would like to suggest to slice the meat in medium thick slices. Thin slices are easy to overcook and thick slices are hard to be well done. First marinate the meat slices with sesame oil, salt and pepper. And then sprinkle a bit with juice which you got from grinded ginger and garlic. Marinate for an hour.

For who loves to eat original, sprinkle the sugar syrup as you need and put the scallops by chopping it.

For who loves to eat spicy, put the chili paste as you need. If you want extra smell, you can put scallop chops and also grinded ginger.

For seafood and fish, it is needed to marinate with juice from grinded ginger and garlic to take out the fishy smell. And marinate for half an hour. And then change them into spicy or original and marinate for half an hour and they are ready to grill.

When you grill them, make the fire in medium strong condition and don’t forget to apply some sesame oil on the grill pan in case for sticking. It is better to use chill fire rather than big flames.

And don’t forget to buy kimchi as it the most suitable to eat with Korean BBQ. For me, I even buy Soju as extra. Because they suits in best condition.

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