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How to make steamed lemon fish

Today special is the simplest way to cook lemon fish at home. Lemon fish is very suitable as vital meal and also matched with liquor likes beer and whisky. You could learn yourself and create the best homemade lemon fish with our recipe.


Lemon grass 1 unit

Some Ginger

Some Chili

Some basil leaves

Phet Phal leaves

Shan Coriander 1 Unit

Lemon 1 Unit

Garlic 5 Kyat Thar (100 g)

Fish 1 Unit (about 408 g)

Firstly, cook water with cooker for a few second till boiling. Then add 3 spoons of fish sauce, 2 spoons of vinegar, pieces of salt and crushed lemon grass in the boiling water. Take out internal organs of fish, bedecked with knife and mixed with snail sauce and salt before the water is boiling again. Prepare dressing with Basil leaves, chili and Shan Coriander by crushing with fish sauce. Take the dressing into the fish and tie the fish body with Lemon grass leave not for damage the form of fish with dressing. However take the fish into the boiling water and turn each side after 10 minutes. Put some mixed dressing on the fish and added some lemon circle by cutting with knife. Finally switch off the cooker and the lemon Fish is ready for all of you!


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