How to make doughnuts at home

Doughnuts are another heaven for everyone and it is very sure that everyone wants to try to make their doughnuts at home. Doughnuts are basically easy to make without an oven and you just need a pan to make at home.

The ingredients needed are – oil, flour, egg, milk, baking soda, shortening and water. If you would like to put some flavors ,the suggestion would be to buy some powdered sugar, chocolate or some kind of jam you like.

Step 1

.Mix all the flour, eggs ,milk ,baking soda ,shortening and water in a big bowl and leave if for two  hours to  make the shortening to work for  more fluffy doughnuts.( In this part, there should be some weight ratios that you consider yourself to get the amount of doughnuts you want)

Step 2.

After leaving for two hours when you see the swollen mixture and make some doughnuts ring and put them on a tray. Don’t for get to apply some flour on your hands not to get a sticky situation.

Step 3.

Fry that doughnut mixture ring in a very hot oil and fry them until they get red hot in one side and flip them to another. If both side get red hot and came bigger, it means the process is done.

Step 4.

If you want more sugar , you can put some melted powdered sugar on the doughnut for a glazed one and if you want doughnuts with jam, just put some jam on it. If u want chocolate one, just melt the chocolate with microwave and dip it in.



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