Easy Recipe: How To Make Coconut Jelly At Home

Coconut Jelly

Thadingyut just flew by in a flash! Did you all enjoy your Thadingyut holidays? Since you have been on vacation, let’s turn back to food.

Coconut Jelly

These days, coconut jelly from Thailand seems to be a bit popular. Many people love to eat it. Pieces of coconut meats are molded like jelly and the taste is sweet too.

Here, let me share how to make this particular dessert called coconut jelly. You can make it at home easily. It has fair price, good shape and most importantly, delicious. The recipe is really simple to follow.

Coconut Jelly


3 coconuts

Jelly Powder (Any brand preferred)

Coconut Juice

A Little Bit of Salt

Scraped Coconut Pulps


Cut the bottom of coconut shell to maintain balance. Then use the knife to get the circular shape of the shell’s top. And pour the coconut juice out to a bowl.

Scrap off the soft and tender meat after pouring out the coconut juice. Add coconut juice and jelly powder to a small pot and stir to mix. Add some salt and sugar, heat for 10 minutes till it becomes completely dissolved. After that, pour the mixture into the coconut shell. Put the coconut meat just before the jelly molds become harder. Remove from heat and set aside to cool. If you want more delicious taste, refrigerate it to serve cold.

Do not forget to share your own homemade coconut jelly snack in the comment section!


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