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Keto diet has been very popular recently and I cannot stand anymore to write about it by testing it. By my own experience, even the effect is slow, your health conditions will change obviously. Especially the speed of body movements and the conditions of bowel movements get better. And you can also see the skin changes too. Here I have written about the key notes of the Keto diet.

  1. Avoid Carbohydrate

This is the thing that makes your body gain weight. It contains in bread, noodle and rice within the highest amount. So you must stop eating them or start to eat less.

  1. Avoid Sugar

When I say sugar, sweet foods such as ice-cream, cakes and assorted pastries are inclusivity. Cause sugar helps to create fats within your body.

  1. Can eat a bit of fat

Not very much though. You need to eat only for a needed amount. Cutting it off is a wrong way to do so.

  1. A cup of bullet proof coffee in the morning to assists the diet.

This coffee can be made by blending coffee, coconut oil, pink salt, butter and chia seeds in a blender. It will provide most vitamins you need and it is the best for your health.

  1. Exercising

If you want to be more effective, you better walk every morning along with the diet. Walk at least for half an hour.

My beloved audience, don’t be so lazy. Self-perfection is a way to learn to love yourself. Who is going to treat your body even if you don’t treat yourself?

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