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How to Gain Weight within 30 days

Some foodies with slim body are thinking about how to gain weight while others are planning for weight loss diet. Although most people envy their slim body, they usually want to become plump. But, don’t underestimate their level of eating, you will regret if you think they are slim because of they don’t eat much. It’s surprising where the food they ate went away other than their stomach.

Ok. Then, let’s start talking about our weight gain plan.



Skipping breakfast can damage your health and so especially people who want to gain weight must eat breakfast. You need to wake up early to do so because waking up late usually ruins our breakfast.

For breakfast,

2 eggs+ 1 toast+ 1 glass of milk (Cereals can add)


Mid-morning snack (About 10 am)


For mid-morning snack,

1 fruit+ 1 cup of yoghurt+ nuts such as almonds, peanut, etc.)



For lunch, you can eat rice and curry. But don’t forget to eat the followings in your meal.

  1. Vegetables
  2. Beans
  3. Meat (or) fish (or) egg


Evening snack

Vegetable / non-veg sandwich with cheese/mayonnaise




Night Dinner

Same as lunch (OR) 2 toast with Roast / grilled / Tandoori Chicken (OR) Baked fish with potatoes (OR) Vegetable sandwich / grilled vegetable burger with potato

A glass of milk before going to sleep is a need.


Your dreams will come true if you follow the plan.

Writer _ Casper 😈

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