How to cook Steamed Hilsa

Every housewife is cooking the best dishes to make their family happy. But no one can do everything since they were born. All the housewives are always trying to learn how to cook new dishes. The rich kindness of a mother makes them motivated to be ready to learn. Nowadays a luxury dish named as steamed hilsa fish is very popular. I will be suscribing how to cook this dish for housewives. I wrote it step by step for easier reading.

  • Clean the fish properly.
  • And season with vinegar, salt and turmeric powder as you like and marinate it.
  • Squeeze some limes on the fish and leave for two hours. It is to make the bones soften.
  • Grind onion, garlic and ginger together.
  • Put some oil into the cooking pot and put some turmeric powder when the oil became hot.
  • And also put the mixture of grinded onion, garlic and ginger and fry for a while.
  • Fry them until you can have the smell of onions.
  • Put the marinated fish as you can smell the onions and mix with the fried paste gently. Put a quite amount of water and cover the lid.
  • Be careful to cover the lid without any spaces.
  • Boil them over four hours by refilling the water.
  • You can test the softness of the bone by touching the fish .
  • Boil them until the bones get soften.
  • Cook them by putting tomatoes and curry leaves when the bones are soften.
  • Be very gentle when you stir it without crashing the fish.
  • You are done when all the waters evaporated.

Is it that hard? Just be careful to control the temperature. You can use a normal cooking pot instead of a pressure cooking pot. Let me stop here and I wish all lovely housewives to be the best chefs. See you next time.

Nicki Rangoon

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