How to choose the gifts for elders to pay homage in Thadingyut festival?



It is too close to celebrate Thadingyut and also it is open season. And also it is the time that Burmese people pay homage to elders during festival period as the tradition.
It is such a pressure to choose gifts for our parents and elders. Don’t give yourself a headache. Just read the contents below and you will see a guide to choose the gift.
When you are going to buy gifts for elders and parents,

1.Calculate your own budget. Elders don’t like to spend money on unnecessary things. It is useless if the gifts is expensive and not a necessity for them. You should think things such as Ovaltine, Chicken essence and Ensure because these things benefits health issues.

2. Make traditional foods by yourself. It is important that you have to cook it by yourself. We all know that we could buy these foods but the feeling of elders will be different for sure.
3.Dry foods which can be stored long term are good too. Rice and cooking oil are the best solution as they are daily needs.
4.A book must be included. Although young people are weak in reading, elders likely to read books.
5.Cash is good too. Sometimes parents never speak out what they need because they don’t want their children to be overstressed.
6.Don’t forget to ask pocket money back. Just a small amount for this charming habitats. I always do this part too.
Wishing you for the best of health and wealth during Thadingyut festival.

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