Hot Pot & BBQ Buffet

Hot Pot & BBQ Buffet, Only 11800Ks

This place is good for Hot Pot & BBQ fans. It offers buffet and you can also order other side dishes.

The restaurant is neat and clean. It makes you feel like you just enter a garden.

Beside a Birthday Person Promotion, they also offer 4+1 (Buy 5 Get One Free) Promotion. They provide good service and delicious flavor with homemade sauce.

The prices are as follows:

Adults 11800++

Kids 5000++

Birthday persons can celebrate their birthday at Gandamar Garden BBQ and Hot Pot Buffet Restaurant where you can enjoy good taste and fair price buffet. There is also a 4+1 promotion so you can enjoy with your buddies.

gandamar garden

You can also order Grilled Duck

gandamar garden

Pork Lettuce Wrap and other side dishes are also available

gandamar garden

You can also order BBQ Sticks as side dishes

gandamar garden

You can get free flow BBQ there

And another thing we would like to remind you is that you can use DOEMAL REBATE REDDEM at Gandamar Garden BBQ & Hot Pot, so don’t forget to REBATE and REDEEM when you visit the restaurant.

You can find out more details of this place at Link .

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Hot Pot & BBQ Buffet, Only 11800Ks
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