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Health Benefits of Black Chicken

Black ChickenHave you ever seen a black chicken? Black Chicken or Silkie chicken has black feather, flash itself and even the bone and eggs are black as well. The unique appearance of black chicken is not only the black colored but also they have 5 toes more than 4 toes. They are mostly found in Southeast Asia countries such as Chinese, India and Myanmar.

Since many century ago, Chinese eat Black chicken as the medical purpose even until now. Nowadays Black chicken are famous around the world especially in Asian countries.

Researchers said, Black chicken has full of antioxidant which helps to keep your health, prevent sickness and common colds. The antioxidant that is found in black chicken is called Carnosine. High concentrations of Carnosine is good for muscles and nervous system. Besides, it also offer higher levels of irons, minerals and vitamins and nutrients usually present in regular chicken.Black Chicken

According to the Chinese medicine, the black chicken can help to boost the immune system, increase female fertility, and nourish a pregnant women and also good food for old people.

There is either no taste difference too much but it is a little sweeter than regular chicken. It can be cooked the same ways as regular chicken. The best way to get all the nutrients contain in Black Chicken is making soup. You can make simple soup style which is boiled with garlic, Black chicken, ginger and pepper. Other popular soup recipe is making soup with herbs and herbal with black chicken.

Do you ever eat black chicken? How do you cook it? Share your good experiences with Doemal.


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