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Season Bistro and Safari Book StorThat was a weekend, I was thinking to take a chill pill at home eating snacks and read some books. I walked into the room, grabbed a chair and the light went off. Who is more unlucky than me? Sitting so upset and suddenly the newly opened Safari bookstore from marketplace at Damazedi Road, along with Seasons Bistro, pops up in my mind. No more waiting and I moved.

Season Bistro and Safari Book Stor

When I arrived to the marketplace, my steps are moving forward to the Safari bookstore to enter the place. As I am a book lover, I decided to check the books before food. The place was so amazing with stunningly organized bookshelves that I totally could not take my eyes off all their decoration is so awesome. There are many different kinds of books such as world’s best seller and top ten books, cartoons, comics and even more that I would imagine.Season Bistro and Safari Book Stor

When I was grazing the books, there were so many famous authors’ books from around the world. I found some international cooking books and they grabbed my attention with their appetizing food photos. I was over viewing one of them because I love cooking and love food so much. After I had a quick look, I gave priority to other categories because I was curious to explore other stuff. 

Then I found out music corner for music lover which has CD, DVD stall with tremendous music albums and music accessories like earphones. There are varieties of books featured in Myanmar language like health, beauty, fashion, fiction, nonfiction, magazines and many others. I saw my favorite authors Minn Lu and Khin Khin Htoo who are top famous authors in Myanmar. I was so satisfied with this moment to see my loved book it made my day. After quick look, you can also buy book and take them home the same day.

If you want to order some international books which you cannot buy, they provide service to ordering books from foreign countries. Stationery things, painting accessories, drawing paper, file holder and bags can also be purchased at Safari. Biography, language book, travelling and kids special are placed nearby and if you are learning English language, there are so many studying books and dictionaries for you which can provide to increase your language skill. I felt all the books were saying me to buy them. I just grabbed my favorite author book and left the corner.

In short time, my stomach alert me that is the time to discover food to energize my body after my mind. I had a look on the right side and I saw Seasons Bistro wide selection of products. What food can serve there? There are different types of cake, bread and drink.

When I looked at the menu, I saw new option called Mini Round Mango Mousse Cake, Tiramisu and Durian Cake. These names make me hungry and I ordered them. The taste of them are so special as their names.

Mini Round Mango Mousse Cake
which tastes like mango pudding and it provides a soft bite, sweet smell and a bit sour taste covered with mango slices. Tiramisu, it is different, which is made up of different tastes of cake arranged in each layer by layer and at the top of it, there is cream with chocolate powder. Durian Cake has a strong durian flavor followed by creamy taste, soft touch and a thin layer of cake that you will never miss the actual fruit.

Their special seasonal Durian Cake and Mini Round Mango Mousse Cake are very popular among the food lovers. Chocolate éclair and coffee are also the things that you should not forget to enjoy. Reading a favourite book with some hot coffee and sweet cakes made my day perfect in that rainy boring day. How lucky I am. Seasons Bistro & Safari turn my unhappy mood to happy mood.

When I was reading book, a group of kids came nearby, they picked up cartoon papers and started colouring. What I realized is normally I say no to my niece when she asked me to come the shopping with me because she is so playful enough to mess everything. But this is a perfect place that I can take my niece along with me. Next time, I will leave her here to make drawing while I do some shopping and she will love it a lot. After that we can have some cake and coffee together. It is a nice place for the family too.

One more interesting thing is they provide free Wi-Fi, charging ports and plugs for the business people and student to have a great afternoon. What I felt a nice combination of a small library and a nice bakery.Safari is a cool place not only for food lovers but also for books lovers and family where you can peacefully read books while having delicious food from Seasons Bistro, can get variety of books and spend the amazing day with family too.

You can even have a look on Doemal Mobile Application  to learn more about what they serve there, when they are open as well as sharing a great moment with your friends.

Seasons Bistro & Safari Book Store

Bahan Township, Yangon.




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