Haro Wine Festival


Are you a person who enjoys festivals?

How many festivals on the world have you ever heard about?

A festival on Spain which is held on every summer is so interesting & wonderful one. Like Water Festival in Myanmar, Haro Wine Festival is splashing & pouring wine on each other.

It is known as “Battle of Wine” and also called “Wine Fight”.

The Wine Fight, festival of wine, is held on June 29 annually and takes place at the place called “Riscos de Bilibio” which is located 6km North of the town Haro in the region La Rioja, Spain.

The beginning of this festival is the San Felices de Bilibio’s death in Riscos de Bilibio. People went on a pilgrimage to this place and venerating for centuries after the monk’s death. At the 18th century, they built a hermitage there to mark the memory of the monk.

Before the hermitage had been built, people used to celebrate the memoriable festivals. In 1965, the neighbour town of Riscos de Bilibio are also included in celebrating memoriable festivals and the bigger festival Wine Fight has been emerged.

The festival begins at June 28 night and children, Grandparents and all the adults are gathered on the street to wait for the party time. At dawn, the inhabitants wear white clothes and red bandana and hike on a four-mile trek to the highest point in Haro.

The mayor leads and once they reach the highest point, he unfurls the flag and the festival begins. People use nearly two gallons of wine in the wine festival. Once the festival starts, people pour wine on each other till their white clothes turn into purple.

They are also allowed to use weapons in the process of changing this color. Here, weapons means buckets, cups and anything that could carry a liquid.

Musicians are also playing music until all the wine run out and inhabitants do not stop singing and laughing until the festival ends.

Then, the people with purple clothes come back to the town and continue to celebrate with traditional dance, bull run, meals and drinks.


That bulls are female heifers and they are not killed after the festival unlike the other Spain bullfights.

Haro Wine Festival, also called battle of wine, is a wonderful and unique Festival in Spain.

Today, it has become an interesting festival for tourists too.

Written by Moe Pwint Phyu

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