Happy Chinese New Year, The Year Of Dog

year of dog


Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is an important festival for Chinese people. It is also the longest celebrated festival in the whole year. According to the 12 Chinese zodiac animals used to represent years, this year is the year of the Dog. According to Chinese astrology, there are five elements known as Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. And 2018 is the year of Earth Dog.

According to Buddhism, Buddhists give their homes a thorough cleaning on the New Year’s Day after the Water Festival Days. However, Chinese families thoroughly clean the house to sweep away any bad luck before the New Year celebration.

Most Christians go back to their hometown to spend time with their families. And Chinese people also travel home to reunite with their parents, relatives and friends on Chinese New Year’s Eve.

The Reunion Dinner is a Must!


They light firecrackers and family members gather together to have a large reunion dinner. Red envelopes are passed out to friends and relatives for good luck and fortune.

Full table of food are served to worship the deities of the heavens and earth. Chicken, pork, fried vermiculites and noodles, fruits, drinks and other Chinese snacks are served with joss stick and candle in front of them.

You can enjoy watching traditional dragon and lion dances with loud beats of drum and exciting sounds of the cymbals during Chinese New Year. In Yangon, there are a lot of dragon and lion dance contests. You can also watch free shows at the temples.


People born in the year of the Dog are being loved and trusted because of their honest and open-hearted personality.

There are 3 percent of Chinese people in Myanmar. Therefore, we are all familiar to Chinese New Year since we live closely with them. When the New Year was about to come, China Town was decorated with red lanterns. The shopping malls are also decorated with Chinese traditional designs and selling traditional snacks with special promotions.

Doemal wish all the lovely friends to enjoy shopping and have fun taking photos with beautiful lanterns at Chinatown! And also do not forget to look for restaurants in Doemal when you get hungry.

Happy Chinese New Year!

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