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Myanmar traditional foods

Myanmar is a new exotic tourism destination and many foreigners around the world come and visit Myanmar every day. Food is a very important component of tourism and it is a significant attraction while people travel. Local foods and cuisines could be excellent tourist attraction and also claimed that eating local cuisine may be a great travel experience because food can be both entertainment and cultural activity. Local food is a fundamental component of a destination’s attributes. Myanmar has a wide and ethnic range of dishes that reflect the many different nationalities contained within the union. By eating local foods, you are showing local people that you want to try their foods and you care about their cultures. When travellers or visitors come to Myanmar there are some foods that can give the new great experience of Myanmar.

Pickled tea leaves salad (Lephet Thoke)
This is one of the most popular Myanmar food and eaten as a snack, an appetizer or a meal. Main ingredients in pickled tea leaves salad are tea leaves, deep fried beans and pea, shredded cabbage, oil, some sliced tomato, dry prawns and sometimes chili and lemon juice to get the strong taste. Then mix all them very well and can serve it.

No conversation about Myanmar food is complete without a mention of Mohinga and it is mostly like a national dish of Myanmar. A bowl of rice noodles covered in a fish based soup and sprinkled with deep fried fritters. It is a favorite breakfast dish, but also a common snack at any time of day or night.

Myanmar rice and curry
If you are travelling to Myanmar, do not forget to enjoy a meal at local restaurant. This is truly an interesting experience with great food. Myanmar curries are delicious meal to try with pork, chicken, shrimp, beef, and mutton. Some vegetable salad, dried vegetable, and soup are also included too. Fish paste sauce or fermented fish sauce is an essential dish for Myanmar people. Some foreigners think that Myanmar food seems to be spicy and oily but the taste can make you amazed and surperised.

Traditional Shan foods
Traditional Shan foods are also famous among Myanmar local foods. The most famous Shan foods are Shan noodle, Shan tofu and Shan style rice. Shan foods are mostly simple but the taste is really good.

Myanmar desserts
Myanmar local desserts are delicious and should try to taste them. Most desserts are made with rice. There are many desserts such as Htoe Mout made with sticky rice, cashews and coconut shavings, Nga pyaw baung is the banana pudding dessert made from banana boiled in coconut milk and sugar, Snack of rice flour batter fried to a hemispherical shape in a dimpled pan, and served in pairs is called Mont lin maya, Shwe htamin is baked sweetened glutinous rice and jaggery with coconut shavings and others.

Deep fried snacks
Myanmar deep fried snacks are a wonderful crisp and chewy. These deep fried snacks are consisting of vegetable such as onions, sweet potato, potato, tofu, bean sprouts served with sauce.

Myanmar Salads
One of the culinary foods of salad (athouq) is light and spicy made with raw vegetables with lime juice, onions, peanuts powder and chilies. For example shauq thi thouq made with a type of indigenous lemon. The ingredients inside the salad can change the salad name. Rice using in salad called rice salad (htamin thouq) and a salad made with rice noodles called noodle salad (Kyoukswe thouq).

Everyone should try the local food experience of Myanmar, here is a list where you can go and get real local tastes.

Aung Thu Kha Traditional Myanmar Food HouseAung Thu Kha Traditional Myanmar Food House

No.17 (A), 1st Street, West Shwe Gone Taing, Yangon

LinkAge Training Restaurant & ArtsLinkAge Training Restaurant & Arts

No.141, Seik Kan Thar Street, 1st floor, Lower block, Kyauktada Township,Yangon

Rangoon Tea HouseRangoon Tea House

No.77, Pansoedan street,Lower block, First floor, Kyauktada Township,Yangon.

Padonmar RestaurantPadonmar Restaurant

No. 105/ 107, Kayaypin street, Yangon.

Karaweik PalaceKaraweik Palace

Kandawgyi Natural Park ( Recreation Zone ), Yangon

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