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Good Street Foods in Yankin

Yankin is a very famous township since 1960s. Famous for the foods and celebration of Thingyan festival. It is very fun to live and there are a lot of food vendors in every streets. And if you know where to eat in Yankin , it is the best.

  1. Mawlamyaing

Most people in Yankin know this place. It’s near ‘gyar’ bus stop and it has Rakhine traditional foods. Pork and chicken tempura is very famous. Ask to somebody from Yankin.

2 .Kyaw Kyar

The boiling noise of moh-hin-ga from a very big pot and the tempuras from this place can persuade  a lot of people and this shop is one of my breakfast routine.

  1. Tempura Vendor at Moe Kaung

The tempura place at the front of Moe Kaung Pagoda is the best place to taste tempura. You will be amazed by the taste of the sauce.

  1. Faluda

At the back of the 12-lone-tan bus stop, there is a place that selling faluda by two brothers.


  1. U Lay Gyi Pork Sticks

This place is beside the Faluda place and the reputation of this small shop is a viral on the internet.

  1. Mala grilled fish

The mala grilled fish beside Yankin Centre is very suitable with a can of beer.

7.Quay near Bauk Htaw Market

If you see a chubby uncle near Bauk Htaw market, you should run and buy some quay. I am his regular customer since I was in pre-school.

Now, this is very sure to go out with a car and taste all these street foods. I will describing more in coming up contents. So, stay tuned.

Well if you are hungry and your appetite is asking for good street foods, don’t forget to try these restaurants and don’t forget to share your own opinions







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