German Style Dinner

German style dinner

Today is Friday! What is your plan for Friday night? If you have a dinner with someone, how about to taste the German style dinner?

Germans are known for their traditional German cosines around the world and German cuisines are so much more than just sausage and meat. Germany is located in Western Europe. Food has always been a major part of German culture. Germany was divided into East Germany and West Germany. Every region of the Germany has it own style of cooking and you can see East Germany is full of influenced with its own culture and cooking style and western part of Germany as well.

German food is rich and delicious and many top German dishes make great comfort food. Traditionally, the German dinner consists of a selection of whole grain bread, meats, sausages, cheese and a cold or warm drink. Germans tend to eat heavy and hearty meals that include ample portions of meat and bread and accompanied by a salad and soup. Germans enjoy bread with every meal, with rye, pumpernickel, sour breads more common than white bread. Pork and beef are the main varieties of meat consumed in Germany and main dish in dinner. Pork is the most popular and there are long tradition of sausage making exists in Germany more than 1500 types of sausages are made.

Sausages are common meat in Germany. Although Bratwurst is well-known outside Germany, many different types of sausage exist besides Bratwurst. Germans eat sausages in their daily meals and can see many dished with sausages. They cook sausage with potatoes and add them to stew and soup. Saumagen is traditional pork dish and it means pig’s stomach. It is like a sausage and the stomach is only used as a wrapper for pork meat, herbs and spices and potatoes filling. In restaurant it is sliced and fried then served with mashed potatoes.

Potatoes are the staple food for every meal especially in dinner and each region has its own favorite ways of preparing them such as potatoes with pears, bacon, beans, meat and spicy sausages. Pichelesteiner is a special popular dinner meal which is made with beef, pork, mutton, potatoes, carrots, parsley, cabbage and leek. Then poured meat broth in the mixture and everything is cooked together.

Roasted meat is the essential dish in German dinner. Sauerbraten is regarded as one of the national dish of Germany and one of the best known dishes. It is a German roast of marinated meat such as pork, beef, lamb, mutton and horse meat in the mixture of vinegar, wine, herbs, spices and seasoning for several days. The ingredients in Sauerbraten are vary based in regional style and traditional throughout Germany.

The most famous German dish of Spatzle is a kind of pasta, but the dough is made with eggs, flour, salt and fizzy water. Spatzle are traditionally served as a side dish to meaty dish which prepared with served topped with cheese many Chesse. Other famous German style dinner foods are Braktartoffeln (fried potato slice with diced bacon), Hendl ( grill chicken marinated with spices), Hasenpfeffer ( stew made from marinated rabbit) and etc.

German food culture is unique and distinct. Discover the secrets of the German foods and try their special food as your dinner. Enjoy German style dinner and fun it.



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