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General Aung San Favorite Foods when He was Alive

General Aung San is well known leader of Myanmar who tried to get independent of Myanmar from British colonel. Coming February 13 is his birthday as we describe his favorite foods as the memorial of him.

Boil bean and Nan Pyar

The quote of General Aung San to his wife “Kyi, I wanna eat boiled bean and Nan Pyar if I can” is very famous in Myanmar. His original hand writing of this quote is still showing in General Aung San museum nowadays. The public of Myanmar use to celebrate his birthday by donating of boiled bean and Nan Pyar and eat themselves as the memorial of General Aung San on February 13.

Pig feet soup

This is not well known food as the favorite of General Aung San but he did like it. In 1937, he was not being as the general and still as a student in Yangon University. He was assigned as the representative person of meal preparing committee of Bago hostel, in University. He had to noted the menu for all student and planned with Pig feet soup. Most of the students complained about it but he planned for four meals for two days with pig feet soup, according to the articles of General Aung San.

Indian Muttion Curry (Sate kapatt)

General Aung San also liked the India traditional food as the articled described about it. Among them, Indian mutton curry which was cooked with goat, chili and mint leave is the favorite of him as he had always eaten with his driver.



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