Full Moon Day of Kason (Buddha Day)

There are twelve months in Myanmar lunar calendar and each month has a special significant festivals. The Myanmar month of Kason usually falls on the 5th month, May of the English calendar. The most important of the 12 Myanmar festivals of the months, Kason Full Moon Day

Is known as Buddha Day or Vesak Day. It is a public holiday in Myanmar and other Asian countries. This day is informally called “Buddha birthday”, it commemorates the birth, enlightenment, and passed away.Kason month’s festival is water pouring ceremony at the Maha-Bodhi tree, the holy Banyan tree at the foot of which the Buddha attained Buddhahood or enlightenment. It also is the day on which the original Bodhi tree arose from out of the earth as an assurance of the coming of the Gawtama Buddha.

Some studies says Kason festival is celebrated since the glory time of ancient time of Bagan Kings according to the writing from ancient Bagan’s stone tablets. The kings grow the Maha Baw Ti tree and pour the holly water as a paying respect to a Buddha because Buddha enlightenment under this tree.

When the full moon day of Kason arrived, Young women and men carrying clay pots in their hands or their heads and go to pour the Bodhi tree in pagodas compound. As the month of Kason is at the middle of the hot reason, people pour water at the holy Banyan tree to make sure it does not die of drought during the hot summer. This has become an integral traditional habit of Myanmar culture and on every full-moon day of Kason people celebrate as a religion festival. Most of religion Buddhists believe that pouring holly water onto the Buddha’s Bodhi tree or Buddha statues as a blessing represent for goodwill, good luck and cleaning on their mind and object. During these day, Buddhists in Myanmar, go to monasteries and offers donation to the monks, meditation, and doing the good things. Some release fish to the lake and release the birds in pagodas for doing merits for long life living. Mostly people donate foods and things for monks and poor people. In Yangon, people celebrated their big donation at famous pagodas of Sule, Shwedagon and Kabar Aye pagoda, treating foods such as Shwe Yin Aye, Juice, Fried noodle, snacks and etc for everyone. In small cities and villages, all the villagers go to pagoda and pour the water onto the Banyan tree and they performed dance, entertainments and food donations.

Even the full moon day of Kason (Buddha Day) is related in religion and it is the most famous festival in Myanmar.

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