Fried Chicken from Golf Resort Road

Fried Chicken

People from Mandalay are probably familiar with this deep fried water hen. But let me introduce a little to those who still do not know well.


If you are a fried chicken fan but still you are getting bored to eat Lotteria, KFC and CP. If you want to try Myanmar traditional fried chicken with garlic and ginger, come straight to 39 Street, East Mandalay May Myo. When you arrived at May Myo Road from the 39 Street, turn right and you will see Yay Tagon Taung Golf Resort Road.

Once you come quite far enough, you will get away from the civil life and you will get a taste of the country side. There are paddy fields along the road. You can get fresh air, smell of the paddy fields and enjoy great view all along. And when you get nearer to the side of Yay Tagon Taung, you will see the shops of deep fried water hen here and there.

Urban people probably will not know the water hen. Water hen is a type of waterbird, similar to fowl and bird species. Not bigger than little egretta and not like chicken either. They have long toes and legs with black and white feathers. There are a lot of paddy fields over there so water hens are also plenty.


The taste is not quite different from the normal fried chicken. What I want to recommend here is to try some palm wine with the fried chicken. And if you want to take good photos with beautiful backgrounds, I suggest you to go and enjoy once. The shop I have eaten rewarmed the fried chicken for me with garlics and ginger.  I have tasted them with plain green tea and it was quite yummy. After I finished them, I captured some photos with Shan Yoma Mountains as background.

The shop name I have visited is called Pyaw Pyaw Par Par Palm Wine Shop. It is located at the joint of Golf Resort Road and Patein Kyi Road. That area has a nice view, you can see only mountains and fields wherever you look at. It is a good spot to chill in this hot summer. Beside fried chicken, Htamin Sisan, variety of A Thoke (Salads), Dry Mutton Fries and other fries. The tamarind sauce is better than chili sauce and it goes well with fried chicken.

And one more, for those who love hiking and picnic, after you enjoy the fried chicken, go straight and you will arrive at Yay Tagon Taung. You can also visit Thitsawaida Cave Pagoda. At the foot of Yay Tagon Taung, you can feed the monkeys.

While you go to eat the fried chicken, you can also visit the pagoda, hike the mountain and feed the monkeys at the same time.

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