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Foods that could be Cooked at New Year’s Family Dinner

It’s not very far to next year. And the reunions of the families and friends are coming as there are holidays. It is very happy to pass the time of the New Year with family. When we say family, we can count on the loved ones too.  People who can give you warmth and kindness are family. And there is going to be a dinner time after the reunion of the family. So, you will have to read this content to know what to cook for the dinner for the family.

Hot pot is the best for the family reunion.

Hot pot has been very famous since last year around many people. It is very convenient for a family who has different taste of meat and vegetables. It suits with beer too.

Vegetarian stick sets is nice too.

Imitate meatballs, tofu, bean tofu, bean cake and potato and such vegetables being boiled and put on a stick is also nice for a New Year night party.

Chinese food could be fine too.

Chinese food has a lot of influence in Myanmar. Nearly every people like it and there are some Chinese dishes in our daily foods. Freshly cooked warm sweet and sour fried and kao baung fried can keep you warm in a cold season night.

Barbecue could go with wine too.

Eating grilled fish while drinking wine is a real fantasy. Vegetables barbecue is good too. Lady finger and hundred years old egg are good to go while drinking. For the meat and fish, tilapia fish, chicken and ribs are the best friends for dinner parties.

We cannot leave our Myanmar traditional foods.

Myanmar traditional foods are the ones which we shouldn’t forget. Although cooking Mohinga and Coconut Noodle is very busy, it is fun to cook together with your family. Burmese salads could be done too.

We can also eat fried tempura while we are talking.

Talking about memories while we are eating together with the family is very emotional. Various tempuras are also not very expensive to make and we can eat it warm while someone is frying it. It is fun.

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Hey…. Our beloved audience …. Happy New Year.



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