Food’s Power

Last week,

we were introduced wicca in the kitchen. This week, we’ll continue to chapter two from the book named Food’ power.

A woman busy in the kitchen. She desire for a love. She put twisted wood into hearth. Start the fire and go out of kitchen to fill the three-legged cauldron with water.

She, the, enter the kitchen and put the cauldron into the blazing flames. As the water warm up, she carves a heart shape into a beewax candle. Light the candles and set it in the holder to put on the table.

She, then, uncovered the basket filled with strawberries which she harvested this morning. She cut them into heart shape on the board using white handled knife with murmuring of…“Love… for… me”

In her mind,

she visualizes what her life would be if she were with a man she loves.

Waiting for the water to boil, she feels hungry and takes an apple, carves a heart shape on the skin whispering “Love for me” and eats it. The freshness of the apple spread her whole body. She bites the apple in the clockwise direction from the point of first bite.

The water is boiling now. She sweeps the shaped strawberries into the cauldron with a white handled knife. Doing so, she whisper

“Love for me” again.

She had preserved the cake of sugar in a pot for three months and now is the time. She put them into the cauldron already filled with water and berries. Then the cake dissolved in water.


She sit down next to the hearth and stir the cauldron with the cherry wood spoon in the direction of sun. This woman is cooking love strawberry jam. She stir until the jam become thick and murmuring

“Love for me”

In folk magick practices,

many tools are to empower simple rituals. These tools include visualization, candles, colors, words, affirmation, herbs, essential oils, stones and metal.

Others include craft yourself tools. But they are just used for energy direction.

These tools may contain the crafter energy for a litte.

Another tool is at your disposal which can cause changes to get what you desire. They are around us. Their ability to change can be waked by visualization or simple action. But we do use them without realizing or knowing.

What is that unknowable source of energy?


Yes, they’re foods. Your breakfast oatmeal, salad and seafood lunch, chocolate ice-cream, these are the potent magical tools.

This isn’t a new idea. People honored the Foods as a life continuing gift from the Gods and Goddesses. Foods were important in ancient religions. Offered to divine and if they physical form of food are not burned, priests or priestess were shared them. Foods were associated in the rites of passages like in birth, puberty, initiation into secret society, marrying, childbirth and death.

They were not only associated with the religions but also possess non-physical energies. Different foods have different energies. Certain foods were eaten for physical strength, some for won in battle, easy birth, health, sex, prosperity, fertility.


Food magick born at early time but not lost. Food magick had been used in both East and West but in different style. There is one thing you can easily see as an example and that is birthday cake. Most of the birthday caked has wishes for luck on them. Why should we eat the cake including those words? Words have their respective power, too. Birthday celebrants believe that when they eat both cake and words, so they consume power of both. That’s a type of modern food magick.

While western world forget about the food magick, China and Japan consume foods for long life, health, to meet love and even to success in examination. Why do these rituals last for thousands of years? Because they are effective.

Scott Cunnigham found that people life can’t be separated from food’s energies in his 20 years of magical life. So, he researched for food’s magical uses since 17 years ago (but you can count as more than 20 from now).

Whenever he talked about food magick, his friends express some kind of disbelief. They couldn’t see food contains magical energy itself. But they accept herbal magick. When the right herbs combination is used, it can help in released of magician’s energy to bring changes. They accepted that. Herbs are plants, right? Plants are kinds of food. So, if we can choose right food, it can help in released of magician’s energy to bring changes. Right?



it does. Let’s think in other means, we use rosemary in some love spell but also in cooking. And lemons were used in purification for a long time. Why not we can’t take lemon pie for internal purification?


That’s food magick. Just add some simple rituals or spells to our daily foods; it’ll tap the spark of the foods.



Food’s Power
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