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Foods Made with Durian

Durian is the seasonal fruit of Summer. Some people don’t like it serious smell but the durian lovers said that the smell and the sweetest taste made their day to be perfect. The foods which are made by Durian is in the following list.

Durian pillow

Durian Pillow is made with flow, egg, cream and Durian. Durian and Cream are mixing to made the past for the Durian pillow. The flow sheet is making like a pillow shade with fulfill of  durian cream and the name “Durian Pillow” was appeared. The price is 800 MMK to 1200 MMK per each and you can order online in Yangon.

Durian Cake

Cake lovers should try the mouth-watering durian cakes. The creamy texture melts in your mouth and comes with either a sponge cake or cheesecake base. Some bakeries and cafés serve chocolate durian cake, featuring a light and creamy durian texture with rich chocolate. Have a go in eating a real 3D durian cake together with your friends. It looks like durian, and it has the actual taste of durian. It is available in Season of Sule Square and Black Sky tea house in Yangon. The price is from 2000 to 300 MMK.


Durian Ice Cream

Durian is suitable for making ice cream because of its creamy texture and mild sweetness. Durian Ice Cream is essential food for Durian lovers. It is available in every ice-cream shop in yangon. The price is from 500 to 2000MMK.

Durian Juice

Mixed Durian with milk and created as the cold drink is very suitable for the summer. The price is between 2000 to 3000MMK. My favorite Durian juice in Yangon are from Shwepazon and shop from Lower block of Sint Oh Tan Road.

Durian milk cream

Durian Milk cream is the very similar with Durian Juice. The strength point is mixing with full cream of milk instant of mixing with normal milk. The price is within 2500 to 3500 MMK. The one from Thai 47 is my favorite.


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