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Floral and blossom flavored products are just recently gaining popularity in the U.S. Flavors such as lavender, elderflower, hibiscus, rose and violet will have potential into coffee drinks, cocktails, snacks and more. Like lavender lattes, hibiscus teas, elderflower cocktails, etc…
Floral flavors also infuse into sparkly drinks.


the most commonly used floral flavors in food and beverage are jasmine, rose elderflower and hibiscus. According to Symrise, the fresh floral trend was highlighted at the 2015. Summer Fancy Food Show, where products like Masala Pop Saffron Rose Popcorn can be seen. And also Vosges Haut-Chocolat Blood Orange Hibiscus Caramel Marshmallows can be seen.

In 2015, the Specialty Food Assosiation, who hosts the Fancy Food Show, included florals in food as one of their 2016 Trend Forecasts. And the new products like Cham Cold-Brew Tea with a blend of apple, hibiscus, rose hip, raspberry and honeybush, La-Di-Da Lavender Cheese and Bissinger’s Blackberry Hibiscus Gummy Pandas were shown in the show.

According to Mintel, China accounted for 16% of all new food and drink products with floral flavors launched between 2011 and 2016. After China, we see Germany, France, India and finally the US, coming in at 5%. It is likely that we will continue to see flowers and blossoms being used in in new ways and soon enough, food and drinks flavored with floral and blossom notes will become familiar to consumers. Some of the new products using floral blossoms launched in the US in recent years include:

• Ciao Bella Pear Hibiscus Sorbet

• Valdenza Bis Frolla Flowers & Fruit Cake (includes black billberry jam, red mulberry jam and natural flavorings of violet flowers)

• Liberte French Lavender Organic Whole Milk Yogurt

• Coco Polo Milk Chocolate with Elderberry

Symrise have created natural blossom flavor collection that covers the most popular florals. Eg rose, hibiscus, jasmine, lotus, lavender, chrysanthemum and elderberry.

The collection can combine with other taste directions including vanilla, citrus and red fruits, or simply stand alone as natural floral blossoms.

They have tested these flavors in a number of applications: ice cream, yogurt, confectionery, tea and soft drinks preparing and inspiring products that exceed consumer expectations.

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