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Fast Food Places from Yangon

People from big cities have to survive by working in rush with very busy situations. It is such a waste of time to wait for your food after you ordered it in a restaurant.

The fast food places in this content can be seen in some other countries and you can see around in Yangon. Nearly every one like fried chicken, so you don’t need to worry that much even for a picky person. Let’s see which places and what kind of food we can have below.

  1. CP chains

You can have Thai style berbeque rather than fried chicken and grilled chicken.

  1. Lotteria

Not only fried chicken, you can have burgers and chicken rice in here also. You have to wait a few minutes if you are going to order burgers or rice. The ice-cream cone is my most favourite.

  1. Marrybrown

It is very suitable to eat for everyone since it is announced as halal place. And the size of the fried chicken is more than worthy. The taste of mashed potato will make you out of this world.

  1. KFC

It is one of the famous fast food chains in the United States of America. A lot of people like this place and the lunch box is suitable and best to eat in rush  hours.

Don’t forget these places while you are going somewhere in rush hours. And also don’t forget to order  from Doemal Application if you would like to be craving something.

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