Easy Homemade Valentine Treats

Valentine's Treat

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. What is your plan for a Valentine gift? Don’t you worry about the budget now! Here to recommend some treats you can easily prepare and express your real love at the same time.

Heart Shaped Puff

Valentine Day DIY Snacks

If you have an oven at your house, you can easily make this snack. All you need to do is to stuff some meat or jam over the flour. The taste is delicious and the look is also romantic, what a perfect Valentine treat!

Heart Shaped Sandwich

The recipe is quite easy. Remove the bread sides and press the bread into heart shape with the shape maker. Then put some jam in the middle of the heart shape.

Love Strawberry

Valentine Day Food

Since now is the strawberry season, you can buy them easily. Press it into heart shape with the maker and you can get the adorable heart shaped strawberries full of love.

Food Bouquet

If your lover is a foodie who likes to eat fried chicken or donuts, you can just put them into sticks and bind them like a bouquet.

Heart Shaped Sausage Fried Egg

This is also easy to make and require not much budget. Sausage, oil and egg are the only ingredients you will need. You can try to fry one for you dear.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day with your loved ones!


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