Where to Go for Dinner with Children?

Dinner with children

Family meals provide warmth, security and love. Eating out dinner with family is the best moment in our life. It can be challenging and exciting with children. Eating out at a restaurant is the perfect time for children to work on their social skills and their manners. Plus, it can become another family tradition during the provide opportunities for the family to bond, plan, connect, and learn from one another. It’s a chance to share information and news of the day, as well as give extra attention to your children. Sometimes rather than eating at home, visiting a restaurant is the perfect opportunity to sit down with your family and enjoy a meal as one.

Now do you feel like going out to eat dinner with your family tonight? Do you know where to go for dinner with children? Don’t worry we have some good options for you which provide good foods and comfortable for children.

Yangon Bus CaféYangon Bus Café

Inside Kandawgyi Natural Park, Yangon

The café is different from the normal coffee shop because it is Myanmar’s first bus café with cool space. Because of the appearance and decorations of bus style, it becomes one of the places of children’s favorite place. Plus it is the fantastic place for reading, chit-chatting, friends gathering, chill out and the best place for coffee lovers.  They also serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and other desserts too. One of a must-try snack is Charcoal Chicken Burger. The Burger bread (which is black) is made of charcoal from bamboo and it contains antioxidant which is good for health.

Marry BrownMarry Brown

No.220, Shwe Gone Daing Road, Bahan, Yangon

Mary Brown is a famous fast food brand present in many Asian countries.  Their environment is suitable for families with children. They have private party place, good dinner setting, Wi-Fi and nice car parking. The best thing is most Mary brown outlets have a kiddy’s corner. While children are playing in the little playground of inside shop, parents can watch easily and comfortably while having dinner. They serve burgers, fried chicken, juice, sandwich and coffee.

Moon bakeryMoon bakery

No. 1 / 1. 253, Bargayar Road, Myaynigone, Sanchaung, Yangon.

Moon Bakery is one of the popular restaurants which have many branches in Yangon. The inner decoration of the restaurant is simple and it has clean and cozy accommodations where you can enjoy the good meals with your family or friends. It also has some tables with swings which are favorite dinner place for children. There are various items on the menu such Chinese Food, Thai Food, Western Food and Korean Food.


No.28, Inya Road, Karmaryut Township, Yangon.

A well-known romantic restaurant ofZephyr in Sein Lan So Pyay garden which place is beautifully located by the side on Inya Lake and a great time to be there in the early evening and watch the Inya sunset’s colors. Zephyr serves varied Asian and Western dishes. They also have small playground for kid so parents can let the kids play whilst enjoying a drink or a meal on the outdoor dining area where they can easily watch the kids play.

House of memoriesHouse of memories

No. 290, U Wizara Road, Kamaryut TownshipYangon.

House of memories, is more like a cosy family home than a restaurant. An attractive wooden colonial home and this was once the office of the country’s independence hero, General Aung San. Then there has few artifacts from his time and historical ancient photos. So it is a nice place when you go for dinner with your children and you can tell about who is general Aung San and how he fought to get independence to your children. Look together with historical photos from ancient time support to your children general knowledge. The dishes of there are mostly Myanmar specialties but also have Thai, Chinese and Indian dishes too.

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