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We drink detox water to take out the poisons from our bodies. And I would like to let you know is there are several kinds of detox water. I will be talking about five kinds in this content. Each has its own unique benefits and you should know that these are not normal ones.

  1. Drink if you catch a cold.

Pomegranate and pomelo includes a lot of vitamin C and it is really good if you catch a cold.

  1. The fountain of youth

The collagens from blueberry and raspberry will make you look younger for two years.

  1. Hydrate yourself

Try with apple and ginger slices. Not only for hydration but also it is very delicious to drink.

  1. Freshen up yourself.

Strawberry and mint are good for freshening and it can help with bad breath. And will also help to get clearer skin.

  1. A little help for bowel movement.

Lemon slices and coriander can help with constipation and it help you to lose weight by detoxing poisonous fats.

And here comes the main things that you should care.

  1. All the vegetables and fruits must be fresh.
  2. Soak in the water for at least 15 minutes.
  3. Room temperature water is the best to make detox water.
  4. Change the fruits and vegetables at every four hour. You can eat them back too.
  5. Don’t drink if the water sit over a night.

Well, let me stop in here because I am sure this is perfect. With loves.

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