Desserts in Myanmar

Desserts are the sweet course that concludes a main meal and usually consists of sweet foods and beverage, coffee, cheese, nuts or other savory items. Myanmar has plenty of fruits and Myanmar traditional food does not lack in desserts. Local desserts are usually prepared with seasonal fruits, natural ingredients and they all have not only the best taste but also having own special desserts preparation methods.

Jaggery (palm sugar) is a traditional Myanmar dessert and often eaten after meal to aid digestion. Jaggery is produced from toddy palm and it is considered a sweet and is eaten by children and adult favourite dessert, usually in the afternoon with a pot of green tea. There are different types of Jaggery depending upon the mixing ingredients and flavours such as coconut Jaggery, plum Jaggery and others flavours. Jaggery is also used in cooking and one of the main ingredients of preparing most Myanmar desserts. Popular local desserts made with Jaggary are Mont Lone Yay Paw (glutinous rice ball with Jaggery), Mont Kywe Thae (made with rice, Jaggery and lime water), Mont Let Saung (glutinous rice with Jaggery syrup in coconut milk), Mont Leik Pyar (thin rice dough skin filled with Jaggery and coconut), Golden Rice (baked glutinous rice with Jaggery) and etc. Besides traditional alcoholic beverage of palm wine is produced from Jaggery.

Shwe Yin Aye, a beautiful dessert name means of Golden heart cooler is a popular favorite dessert and it is an excellent refreshing dessert during the hot summer season. The delicious traditional dessert of Shwe Yin Aye is made up of glutinous rice, agar jelly, sago, and breads and served in cold coconut milk.

Savory dessert made from glutinous rice with fried coconuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, oil, ginger and salt called Htamane is a traditional signature food of Myanmar Tapotwe month. Fruits jams of lime, mango, Marian, tomato, Roselle bud, plums jams are also included in Myanmar traditional desserts and durian jam from Mon State is the most popular. Famous dessert of HtoeMot is glutinous rice cake with raisins, cashews and coconut. Hemispherical shape snack of rice flavour with bean and quail egg is called Mont Lin Mayar (Couple Snack), Coconut milk banana dessert, yoghurt served with Jaggery syrup, Kao Hlaingti mont, a snack made of sticky rice and violet flowers as colouring and etc. are fanatics traditional Myanmar food that can be easily found everywhere in Myanmar. Sugar cane juice, palm juice, lemon juice and other seasonal fruits are also served as dessert too.

In Myanmar there are variety of desserts and you will never forget their taste even when you taste once and become more and more popular. Some of the desserts are difficult to prepare and time consuming. In Myanmar there are many food places that can serve traditional freshly prepared desserts and also can get readily in supermarkets too.


Between Kyun Taw Street and Pyay Road, Junction Square Shopping Center, yangon

Khaing Khaing Kyaw Traditional food centerKhaing Khaing Kyaw Traditional food center

No. (671) A, Pyay Road, Near Thukhakabar Clinc, Kamaryut Township,Yangon.

Lucky Seven Tea shopLucky Seven Tea shop

49th Street, Botahtaung township, Yangon.

Yangon Tea HouseYangon Tea House

No. (77),Pansoetan Street, Lower block, First Floor,Kyauktadar Township, Yangon.

Feel MyanmarFeel Myanmar

Pyi Taung Su Yeik Thar Street, Dagon Township, Yangon.

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