Delightful Chinese food place – The First House Restaurant and Bar

First House Restaurant and Bar

First House Restaurant and BarAs Chinese foods are becoming popular foods around the world, there are many Chinese restaurants can see every place in the world. In Yangon, there are a lot of Chinese restaurants, Chinese food vendor and stalls. But we can see few number of smart, upmarket Chinese restaurants in Yangon. If you are finding a best Chinese food restaurant which can provide for best dinner, group party, comfortable pleasant setting, we would like to introduce with this Chinese restaurant.


First House Restaurant and BarThis restaurant is First House Restaurant and Bar, which is one of the best Chinese restaurants and most appealing place where the best foods can get.It is located in No.1 Inya Road. Their restaurant setting is very nice with graceful colonial style building.If you are a natural lover, they have garden setting which is full with green plants and flowers which can directly touch with nature and natural breeze.


First House Restaurant and BarYou can see very beautiful decorations around there and many precious masterpiece pictures on their walls. Their private rooms are suitable for friends gathering, special meeting and celebrating party. The rooms are special decorated with unique interior graceful Chinese style with very nice large pictures and Chinese traditional decorative materials. If you are the antique materials lover, they have antique video camera that can amaze to you.




First House Restaurant and BarFirst House Restaurant and Bar provide the best traditional Chinese foods, specialize and expects in Chinese Hunan, Sichuan cuisines. They also have Chinese traditional herbal alcohol which is made with  varieties of herbs and fruits. Hotpot, sea foods and  varieties of Chinese food can serve in there and Chinese professional chefs in this restaurant create the best tasty Chinese food which are fully with Hunan and Sichuan taste.


First House Restaurant and BarT
heir popular dishes are mutton and duck hotpot, steamed sea fish, chili chicken, the mapo tofu with pork and varieties of lobster dishes. They also have a wine bar which can available the best cocktail, alcohol, beer, wine and fresh juices.Their service is very attractive and well on every customers. The large car parking place available in here can’t make you headache for car parking problem. Fast speed Wi-Fi connection in there help to work with comfortable feeling in peaceful nice environment.

First House Restaurant and Bar


At First House Restaurant and Bar you will satisfy with well-prepared Chinese cuisine, attractive service and relaxing atmosphere. It is highly recommended the best place for Chinese foods.

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