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Delicious Myanmar Salads

Myanmar people love to eat a lot of salad. And also the salads are essentials in the meal times too. Myanmar traditional salads usually contain a lot of ingredients. And we also put some nha pyan kyaw (various beans fried). For people who love salads, you should read this. You can try some new things if you haven’t eaten yet.

  1. Lat Phat Thote ( Tea Leaves Salad)

When you say Myanmar, you cannot forget about tea leaves. In Myanmar, the fruit is Mango. The meat is pork and the leaves are teas. You eat this pickled and marinate tea leaves with various beans fried by making salad of it.

  1. Ginger Salad

It is also the salad of various bean fried with small ginger fillets. It also helps with your health too. It is the mate with the Myanmar tea.

  1. Pennywort leaf Salad

It is the time when you need to grab alcohol with the pennywort leaf salad. It should be eaten often since it helps your health a lot.

  1. A thousand year old egg salad

It is actually a Chinese food. But Myanmar people makes salad of it with some tomatoes and cabbages .Good to eat with rice now.

  1. Bean Halves Salad

Very easy to make and good to eat. It can be said the food for guest in the urban areas. You can make it by mixing some beans, onions, lime juice, oil and salt. Less expense and fantastic.

  1. Tomato Salad

Best for the persons on diet. It also includes cabbage and onions and the sour taste will wake your appetite.

  1. Dried Shrimp Salad

Very expensive and very interesting and people don’t eat it very often and the dried shrimp is too expensive. If the shrimp is bigger, the taste is better.

Now, you know what to order when you go to a salad shop with your friends. In coming up week, we want you to be ready for the foods for better bon appetite

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