Delicious Ar Pu Shar Pu

Ar Pu Shar Pu

Everyone in Mandaly knows Su Latt Ar Pu Shar Pu at Nan Shae Aung Taw Mu Pagoda. It is located at the corner of 28 and 63 Streets. We used to eat it whenever we visited Aung Taw Mu Pagoda. I haven’t been to that place for quite a while. Recently, I have been to that place again. They sell Mote Hinga, Ar Pu Shar Pu, Mote Phat Thoke and Nga Phe Kyaw Thoke(Fried Fish Balls Salad) . You won’t find the seat around 3 or 4 pm as it becomes crowded.  They use Nan Tay Mote Phat for Mote Phat Thoke.

Mote Hinga

Hsu Ladd

Mote Hinga is my favorite for sure. Its taste is perfect with its ingredients. It includes Nga Phat(fish), Nga Phe Phat(fish ball), quail eggs, split pea fries, banana stem pith with pure smell of fresh fish. You can ask parsleys or green peas as a complement.

Ar Pu Shar Pu

Hsu Ladd

What makes Mandalay Ar Pu Shar Pu different is that it doesn’t left stiffly after you drink it. I think it’s because they don’t use too much seasoning powders. And you don’t need to worry about your tongue not able to stand the heat and spiciness. You can order sweet fried banana to solve this problem.

Nga Phe Kyaw Thoke

Hsu Ladd

They use pounded peanuts in this salad. They also use fish sauce but you will not get the fishy smell. The fish meat is also well fried. You will not get enough of its taste and you will want to eat more than one dish.

Hsu Ladd

The price is also reasonable. Every dish has the same price 700Ks. Fried Banana is 300Ks for 2. People from Mandalay are probably familiar with this place already. But I would like to recommend to those who did not know about this shop. If you happen to eat Mote Phat Toke, do not forget to share us your experience.

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