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dawei mont di


My family went on a trip to Dawei and Myeik during last December holidays. The road trip is filled with unique beauty of natural forests views. The road to the city through the mountain is the most impressive scenery for me.

Once we arrived at Dawei, we went to visit the downtown. As we stroll through the streets, we noticed that the city of Dawei is absolutely lovely and very clean. There are also a lot of restaurants around town.

Dawei’s signature local dish is Mont Di, Burmese thin rice noodles. They usually have it as breakfast or snack. The appearance is quite similar to Rakhine Mont Di but the tastes are different. Dawei Mont Di uses Coconut Syrup so it gives a little more sour taste.

coconut syrup

Coconut Syrup is made from tatch wood. It is a kind of fermented vinegar. There are plenty of tatch forests in Dawei.

The soup is cooked with large amount of fish. The taste is sweet with obvious fish flavor. What makes it different is that in some Dawei Mont Di shops, you can have crispy fried gram (Sarkalay Chay Kyaw) in the place of chickpeas fries (Pe Kyaw). If you like hot and sour flavors, you can add some green chili and coconut syrup. This Dawei Mont Di has become my favorite dish as soon as I tried it. So I decided to ask their recipe and tried to make some by myself at home.

Dawei Mont Di

The recipe is quite easy and simple. The most important item is the coconut syrup. If you can’t find it at the shops, you can instead use vinegar or tamarind. The taste will be a little different though. For the other ingredients, you need some fish, onion, garlic, lemon grass, fish sauce, seasoning powder and fish sauce.

Cook the fish with fish sauce and coconut syrup in the boiling pot. After it is cooked, remove the fish. When it is cool enough, peel the skin, flake the flesh and discard the bones. Add the mashed garlic, onion and lemon grass into the remaining fish soup and cook. Once the soup is boiled, add the flaked fish. Season with fish sauce and seasoning powder and leave it for about 15 minutes. After that, Dawei Mont Di is ready to serve.

Place the noodles in a bowl, pour the soup and dress with coriander, green chili and tamarind juice. Now, you can enjoy the perfect taste of sour, salty and spicy Dawei Mont Di.

Have a happy holiday everyone!


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