Crazy Eating Competitions Around The World

Are you interested in crazy eating competitions around the world?

Food is something that every human being enjoys. It is necessary to consume food to get nutritional support and energy.

As there are countless food lovers across the world, eating contests are taking place according to the food and culture of different countries. Some restaurants attract the foodies by holding the food competitions. Mostly they let them eat the restaurant’s Special Menu. The tradition of competitive eating continues to get attention from people, more than other competitions to this day. We are here to talk about some interesting eating contests. Some of them are not suitable from medical perspective and some are really dangerous and risky.

Crocodile Egg Eating Competition

This competition is held to attract the tourists and promote the local tourism at Thailand, Pattaya. It has been the 12th time celebrating the event at the Pattaya Crocodile Farm. It is an annual eating race in which participants compete in attempt to eat 10 crocodile eggs in the shortest time possible. The contest focuses on cleanness. The marks of the contestants will be deducted if they eat messily.

Kismot Killer Curry Eating Competition

An Indian restaurant named Kismot in Edinburgh hosts this contest annually. The special rule about this event is to compete how much the participants can handle the heat, not the numbers of curry eaten. They have to eat spoonful of the extremely spicy curry burning up with hot steams. Many spicy food lovers interested in this event and come to participate. 

Garlic Eating Competition

The World Garlic Eating Competition is held in Chideock, Dorset County, Southwestern England. The participants compete by chomping raw garlic in large amount. How hot that would be to make you tear up!

Nettle Eating Competition

It is a competition for those who like to eat raw vegetables. The participants have to chew their way through nettle leaves. The winner is the one who has stripped and eaten the greatest number of those green leaves.

Cockroach Eating Competition

This is a crazy competition held at England. The participants have to eat dozens of live roaches . You can tease your friends who are scared of cockroaches by telling them about this contest.

After reading about all those competitions, which one are you up for? Or have you ever participated in any eating contest?

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