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Constipation: Which foods to avoid and to eat

Constipation is the result of less bowel movement than it should. Although people often suffer constipation, most of us don’t know what to eat and what to avoid. As the saying go ‘if you have a bad stomach, you’ll feel headache’, let’s find out not to become so.


Which Foods to Avoid


Milk and dietary products are rich with fat which takes time to break down in stomach and in turn slower the digestion process. Some milk products contain lactose. This sugar causes gas, stomachache and worse the overall symptoms of constipation.


Red meats

Red meats which are lack of fibers and rich with fats can slow down the digestion process, too. Red meats also contain protein chains which are hard to use in body processes. Beef, pork and mutton are examples of red meats.



Another culprit of constipation is cheese. Cheese is like milk, contains fat and gas causing lactose sugar. For regular bowel movement, a few slice of cheese doesn’t matter but for those who constipated often are advised to avoid cheese.

And remember to avoid butter and sour cream.


So what to eat?


Beans are full of fibers. A cup of beans contain 10 grams of fibers. This is more than in any other sources. Beans contain soluble and insoluble fibers which can help to pass the foods through intestines easily and relief constipation.



A regular kiwi contains 2.5 grams of fibers and also a lot of vitamins and minerals. Kiwi is good not only for intestinal health but also for general health. Kiwi is a kind of berry. You can eat the seeds and so do skin. But most people prefer flesh.


Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are rich with fibers, too, which are good for relieving constipation. But you shouldn’t throw away the skin because it is the fibers richest part of the whole.

Nuts and Seeds

Almond and walnut have more fibers than any other nuts. An ounce of almond has 3.5 grams of fibers and an ounce of walnut has 1.9 grams. Besides, edible seeds are also fibers rich foods which are good for constipation. So, just top up seeds to your salad of added fibers and crunch.


It is important to add fibers for relief of constipation. But if putting right foods to your meal doesn’t relief the constipation, you have to visit to your doctor for a definite diagnosis. Don’t use laxatives as you wish because laxatives are more harm than benefits when in over dose.



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