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If you wanna treat yourself with delicious food although you are on a low budget, here is the list of fast food shops for you. Don’t scroll down and read this if you want tasty fast foods at a low price.

Having to wait too long to get the food we order is a big no when we are really hungry. The shops I will be mentioning sell fast foods. They make the food just in front of us so we can taste the warm and delicious food. So, what I have here are –

My Banh Mi

This is a pretty famous one. It is a Vietnamese branch in Yangon and there are three branches here – on the third floor of Myanmar Plaza, on Thitsar Road of South Okkalarpa Tsp and just in the front of Hledan Sein Gay Har. All the foods on the menu are affordable, prices ranging from 1300 kyats to 2100 kyats so it fits the low budget too. If you have seen this shop frequently but have not tried the food there, I recommend that you should stop by for a while and take a bite. The bread texture seems like it’s hard but it is not as hard as its visual when we literally eat it. There are a lot of meat inside and they are pretty soft and delicious.

In addition, Buy 5 Get 1 is an all time promotion! It also has a delivery service. For me, I don’t like vegetables that much so I told them not to put vegetables in my order. The best seller of My Banh Mi is Roasted Pork and what they recommend are Shredded Chicken and Jambon, with ham. The branch in Myanmar Plaza do not have much space to sit so I usually order a takeaway.


When you get a takeaway and want to eat it warmly at home, you can warm it in the microwave from 3-5 minutes, or you can just warm it on the frying pan without any oil until you get the condition you desire. Or if you want to eat it as a breakfast next morning, just remove the vegetables from the bread and put it in the fridge. You can then take it out in the morning and warm it before you eat. These are the techniques that My Banh Mi suggests but I haven’t really tried these ways before since I only store the food in my stomach as soon as I get my order. 😂


This one is located in Hledan, near Hledan Kyaung Shaet stop. It is around Nature Republic and the name board of the restaurant is big so you won’t have problems in searching for it. The prices here aren’t as low as My Banh Mi but you can chill here with low budget as well. They have many menus so you can choose whatever you want.

It only costs 5200 kyats for a whole fried chicken. The salt crispy chicken is also tasty and it is 2500 kyats. But Bacon Chicken Burger doesn’t meet my expectation. And one order of French fries contains a lot, it is only 1000 kyats. A small size of Pudding Milk Tea is 1500 kyats and a large size of Strawberry Milk Tea is 2000 kyats so it is not bad. (Its small size is about Tealive’s small size and its large size is about Cacai’s regular size.) The drinks taste great.

The interior of the restaurant is wide and cool since the air-conditioning is quite great. Every table has a plug socket so you can charge your phones. It is a good place for those who want to kill time in peace and those who want to study in groups. It might get noisy if there are too many customers but it was quite a quiet place when we went there because there were only a few people.

Burger Chef

This one’s menus which are enough as a meal ranges from 3500 kyats to 4000 kyats. There are also drinks in the menu with prices around 1000-1500 kyats. The opening time of the Pyi Thar Yar branch is from 10 am to 11 pm but sometimes, they sold out everything earlier than the mentioned time. I think I heard they are about to open another branch in San Chaung. They also sell the foods with a truck in festivals, like in Yae Kyaw festival or Lanmadaw festival. The menu here is an upgraded version of street foods and they guarantee that they only use pure organic foods.

On the day I went there, I ate so much before going to Burger Chef that my stomach was full so I only ate the tuna sandwich they recommended. There were two sandwiches in one serving and the price is 2000 kyats so it is worth with its taste. There is so much mayonnaise and even I, who don’t like tuna that much, finished it all. Also the drink comes with a huge mug and it only costs 1000 kyats.

However, I guess the takeaway is better. We can eat there if there are only a few customers but it can be a little bit troublesome when the place gets crowded. But I ate there because there were only a few customers at that time. I think a lot will just prefer takeaway.

So, are you now thinking which restaurant suits your taste the most?


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