Nice Rooftop View with Special Cocktails, Brolly Sky Bar

Mandalay, the former royal capital and the second largest city of Myanmar, is considered to be center of Myanmar culture. The city is named after Mandalay Hill which is famous for pagodas and monasteries. And if you are looking for a unique view of Mandalay Hill, the rooftop of Brolly Sky Bar is a spectacular vantage point for you. brolly Sky Bar


Brolly Sky BarPanoramic view of Mandalay Hill from the roof terrace can give you a special feeling of pleasure. Brolly Sky Bar is the perfect place to enjoy a nice view of Mandalay and have the bar’s signature drinks, best snacks and meals. It is a well-known bar in Mandalay, located on the 4th floor of Hotel Yadanar Oo.

Brolly Sky BarThe bar offers good-quality cocktails by using international standard recipes. Here, I want to recommend a few cocktails from Brolly. The first one for you to try is Pink Lady, a gin-based classic with grenadine in it. This passionate pink colored drink with a cherry garnished is a perfect glass for ladies.The second one to recommend is a rum-based classic Mojito which is the foreigners’ favorite as they drink at least three glasses per person. It is the perfect combination of five ingredients such as white rum, soda water, lime juice, sugar and mint.

The third cocktail is AK47 with Rum, Vodka, Gin, Whiskey and Brandy. You can have this strong cocktail served in cool skull head glass.

Brolly Navy, one of the bar’s signatures, is the best-selling cocktail among locals. It has low alcohol content which is good for ladies. The drink is served with a champagne flute which will be your favorite one to take photo and upload on social media.

​The last one I want to recommend is The Mexican Combo (15,000 MMK). It is a mix of blended watermelon juice with Mexico’s signature beer, Corona and a strong spirit like Mexican Tequila and the mix is served in a watermelon. The drink is enjoyable, but also strong enough to get drunk.

If you are a fan of cocktails, Brolly Sky Bar has a wide selection of cocktails from which you can choose your favorite drink. The bar also created 4 new bottle cocktails such as Aqua Kiss (Gin based), Red Devil (Tequila based), Love Potion (Vodka based) and Green Goblin (Rum based), with the price of 25,000 MMK for each bottle. And if you have one of these bottles, they offer one free shisha pot until the end of July, which is a good chance for a night out with your friends.

Aside from classic cocktails, Brolly also offers various drink menus such as Shooters, Spirits, Beer and Wines. You can have the best taste of coffee at Brolly as their coffee is made from Spanish coffee beans, Catunambu with Italian coffee machine, WEGA. The other drinks like Smoothies, Milkshakes, Frappuccino, Italian Soda, Juices and Soft Drinks, and desserts like Yoghurt and Ice-creams are also available.

For starters, they have fast food such as fries, burgers and sandwiches. I tried Potato Embrace Shrimps which has a delightful crispy flavor. The other main dishes contain Fried Rice, Roasted, Grilled, Steaks, Kebabs, Pizzas, Pasta, Salads and Soups which you can have as lunch and dinner.

The bar vibe with handmade iron pipes and big wheels hanged with dim lighted bulbs which makes the interior decoration similar to industrial style. The space is wide and also provided with a bar counter. You can see the modern art of graffiti painted wall near the main entrance which is a nice spot to take photo. The outdoor area is broad enough for you to enjoy the fabulous sunset view in the evening with a relaxed feeling. I got the chance to experience the beauty of sunset as I was having my meal and cocktail in the evening breeze. The bar can also offer you a romantic dinner in dim lights at night.

Brolly Sky Bar is the place to enjoy a nice meal in a comfortable atmosphere, whether you have come for a romantic date, a family dinner, a group party, a night out with friends or just casual drinks by bar counter. You will also be amazed by the perfect view from the sky bar towards Mandalay Hill.

The parking area has wide spaces as well. There is also a separate route towards the elevator which can take you to the sky bar. Service is good and staffs are friendly. If you fancy special cocktails with fantastic night view of sky bar, Brolly is one of the most beautiful sky bars in Mandalay for you.

You can share your experiences with your friends in Doemal-> application when you visit there.

Brolly Sky Bar

22nd Street, between 65th and 66th Street, On rooftop of Hotel Yadanar Oo, Mandalay.



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