Beer Drinking Competition, First Time In Myanmar

Doemal Beerfest

Doemal Beerfest

Do you think you have professional beer drinking skill? If you are one of them, here is good news for you! If you have been interested in international beer drinking competitions so far. And you are also wanting to participate. Now, you can finally show off your skill at a beer competition in October. This competition is the DOEMAL BEERFEST!

This particular competition is the first held beer competition in Myanmar. The purpose of this event is to let beer lovers to get away from the stress for a while. And let them enjoy the joyful moments while drinking with other beer buddies.

Doemal Beerfest

If you become the champion, you will be awarded with 1,000,000 MMK prize! So, why don’t you join and achieve it??

How will DOEMAL BEERFEST Competition be like?

DOEMAL BEERFEST will reward a winner who will complete all three rounds of the competition as the Champion.

Doemal Beerfest

1st Round

In the first round, we will accept 50 participants to compete at first. Among the 50 participants, we will select 25 participants who can drink 2 Liters of Beer quickly. The selection of 25 participants has to compete for the Semi-final by drinking 3 small cups of beer with pipe. Among them we will select 12 participants who can drink faster for Semi-final.

2nd Round (Semi-final)

At the Semi – final, the selection of 6 among 12 participants will go to the Final State. Firstly, we will select 8 winners who can drink quickly 3 Liters of Beer quickly. After that, 8 winners have to compete for Beer tasting test. And 6 winners of highest marks will be selected for Final Round.

3rd Round (Final)

Final Round is the most exciting step for participants. Among the remaining 6 participants, Winner and First Runner Up will be selected in the end. This stage is more challenging for the participants. Firstly we will select 4 persons who can drink 4 Liters of Beer quickly within 15 minutes. These 4 winners have to play Beer Pong. To play Beer Pong, we make 2 groups and each group has 2 players. Among these players we will select 2 winners again. To be a champion, they need to drink beer as much as they can in 10 minutes. The person who can drink the most will be a Champion.

How can we participant?

If you want to join the DOEMAL BEERFEST, you can buy tickets at The Class Restaurant and Bar, Bar Bondi or contact via Doemal Facebook Page. The addresses are mentioned below.

What are the prizes?
Doemal Beerfest

-1,000,000 MMK with a trophy for Champion.

-500,000 MMK for First Runner Up.

How to enjoy DOEMAL BEERFEST without competing?

Those who will come to cheer up the competing friends can enjoy free flow of beer and delicious buffet. We provide Live Music Band and DJ Performances for our audiences. We also have fun games and giveaways.


Entrance fees

Participant Fees – 25000 MMK

1 Day Ticket – 15000 MMK (Include free flow of beer and buffet)

All Access Ticket – 30000 MMK (Include free flow of beer and buffet for 3 rounds)

If the participants lose in any round of challenge and they want to enjoy the DOEMAL BEERFEST for next rounds, they only need to give 5000 MMK for free flow beer and buffet.

The tickets for sale are limited. So you better hurry up!

The event dates and tickets selling locations are mentioned below. Let’s enjoy DOEMAL BEERFEST with us.

Event Locations, Dates and Times

  1. First Round (Oct 14) – The Class Bar (7pm – 9pm)
  2. Second Round (Oct 21) – Bondi Bar (7pm – 9pm)
  3. Third Round (Oct 28) – The Beer Factory (7pm – 9pm)

Tickets available at:

The Class Restaurant and Bar

Address: No.161, Warden Street, Lanmadaw Township, Yangon, Myanmar

Phone No: 09 44595 0252, 09 44595 0253

Bar Bondi

Address: International Commercial Centre, Ground Floor, Corner of Strand Road and Botahtaung Pagoda Road, Yangon, Myanmar.

Phone No: 09 799 122846

Code2LAB Office

Address: Room No. 309, third floor, Building E, Pearl Condo, Corner of Sayar San Road and Kabar Aye Pagoda Road, Bahan Township, Yangon.

Phone No: 09 4230 22181, 09 44566 5211


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